Temecula Valley Garden Club Programs for 2016/2017

September 2016

Program:  Certified Earth Friendly Garden

Speaker:  Dawn Standke

Dawn Standke a Master Gardener from San Diego Speakers Bureau will present the checklist need to have your garden Certified as Earth Friendly.  She will provide the checklist and if you meet the criteria she can certify your garden.  She will sell signs you may put in your yard to let the community know you are certified.

October 2016

Program:  Butterfly Habitats

Speaker:  Pat Flannagan

Pat Flannagan from Butterfly Farms in Vista, California will provide information on butterflies and their habitats.

November 2016

Program:  Plants for Soap

Speaker:  Jeremy Pearson

Jeremy Pearson owner of The Land of Milk and Honey will provide information on growing plants and keeping bees to make soap products he sells at the area Farmer’s Markets.  He will be selling some of his creams and soaps before and after the meeting.

December 2016

Program:  Holiday Entertainment and Luncheon

Member Pot Luck Luncheon and a celebration of the holiday spirit.

January 2017

Program:  Backyard Barn Owls

Speaker:  Bert Kersey

Bert and Sharon Kersey from Backyard Barn Owls will provide information on owls and their habitat.  They will bring an owl nesting box and a video to sell before and after the meeting.

February 2017

Program:  Flower Show Chairman

Speaker:  Debra Jones

Debra Jones will provide information on entering items into our flower show and the Flower Show and Plant Sale schedule.

March 2017

Program:  Wilson Creek Winery

Speaker:  Greg Pennyroyal

Greg Pennyroyal from Wilson Creek Winery will provide information on growing grapes during drought, pests affecting vines and the ecosystem created.

April 2017

Program:  Pumice Product for Soil

Speaker:  Lexi Petelski

Lexi Petelsk, Co-Owner of General Pumice Products will talk about pumice and how it improves growability of soils, saves water, acts as an aeration system, retains moisture and holds nutrients at the root zone of plants.  Their products are available for purchase online at

May 2017

Program:  Growing and Using Lavender

Speaker:  Jack and Carrie Bauer

Jack and Carrie from Sycamore Lavender Farm will provide information on how to grow and use lavender in the Temecula Valley.

June 2017

Program:  Recognition of TVGC outgoing officers and Installation of TVGC incoming officers.  End of year buffet luncheon.

Last Year

September 8, 2015
Jacob’s House, a Home Away from Home
-Linda Mejia

Jacob’s House is an independent hospital hospitality house in Temecula that provides temporary housing for family members who live outside the community and who have a loved one hospitalized nearby, suffering a traumatic medical life event or crisis. Linda will share her own and other stories that ultimately inspired her commitment to this valuable community resource. Our club has committed to providing assistance for development of the water-wise garden project at Jacob’s House.

October 13, 2015
Under the Spell of Succulents
-Jeff Moore

Looking to save water? Hoping to create beauty? Wanting ease of cultivation? Look no more…the incredible world of succulents is about to be presented to you. Jeff Moore, owner of Solana Succulents and author of “Under the Spell of Succulents”, will take you on a journey, sharing his love and knowledge of these diverse and fascinating plants. Jeff will have his book available to sell and sign for you as well as plants from his Solana Beach nursery.

November 10, 2015
Soil – It’s a Living Organism
-Gisele Schoniger

So many of our yards here in Temecula Valley have been scraped, compressed and otherwise compromised. Gisele Schoniger, Organic Gardening educator for Kellogg’s Garden Products, will speak on how the use of compost and organic matter and mulching will help to maximize and conserve water use along with a wealth of other very practical ways to improve on our gardening practices to bring our soil back to life! She will also bring various samples for us to try in our own gardens.

December 8, 2015
Holiday Entertainment and Luncheon

Pot Luck Luncheon and a celebration of the holiday spirit

January 12, 2016
Table Settings and Flower Arrangements 101
-Debra Jones

Debra, our Flower Show Chairwoman, will present basics of design. We all committed to participation in our flower show when we voted to have one this year. Debra will take away the hesitation we sometimes feel when we attempt something new and help us channel our talents into beautiful entries for our gift to the community.

February 9, 2016
Herbs – a Culinary Adventure
-Jean Weiss

Herbs may have ancient roots but they are not a thing of the past. As more people travel the world, enjoy ethnic and regional foods and watch TV cooking shows, a huge resurgence of interest in diverse culinary herbs has occurred. Jean Weiss, reference librarian for the University of California at Riverside, a long time volunteer at UCR Botanic Gardens and lifetime Master Gardener, will share her knowledge and love of the beauty and power of herbs.

March 8, 2016
Cacti and Succulents – Staging for Success
-Debra Jones and Linda Powell

Debra Jones will share some tips to help you prepare your plants for the upcoming April Flower Show. Attractive containers, proper grooming, and healthy plants all contribute to a winning combination. Linda Powell will show some of the interesting tools of the trade to groom and present to the best advantage.

April 12, 2016
Fairy Gardens – a Little World of Enchantment
-Vanessa Andrade

Magic toadstools… Pixie dust… Elves and Fairies hiding in the woodland glen… Such is the enchanted world of Fairy Gardens. Vanessa Andrade, owner of Garden Moonlight, will help you create your own special, secret garden filled with magic! Let your imagination run wild!!!

May 10, 2016
Create a Butterfly Friendly Container Garden
-Susan Cline

Plants can serve multiple purposes in your garden. They can give us beauty as well as provide a home and nourishment to birds, bees and butterflies… and many are water efficient as well!!!
TVGC member Susan Cline is a UCCE Master Gardener with a special interest in butterfly friendly landscapes. She will create a container garden that not only is butterfly friendly, but will explain the basics of host and nectar plants.

Also on this day will the presentation of our annual scholarship to a deserving student.

June 14, 2016

Recognition of TVGC outgoing officers and installation of TVGC incoming officers, as well as the End-of-year luncheon buffet

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