TVGC Projects

Civic Beautification

Temecula Valley Garden Club seeks opportunities to provide environmental landscape design and education.  This past year we coordinated the garden restoration project for the entrance garden at Jacob’s House, a hospital hospitality house in Temecula, led by our community service chairperson Susan Puma.  Our community partners helped to take out their old, overgrown landscaping and replace it with lush, water wise plants, trees and landscape materials and a new irrigation system.  Click on Jacob’s House Project to see photos and videos of the planting by Waterwise Botanicals.


Community Service

The Club will continue two of its community service projects in the 2016-2017 program year.  One of these is the Grow It and Give It program which we began in 2009.  Members donate excess produce from their gardens or bring canned and packaged food to our monthly meetings.  All donations are delivered to a local food pantry to help those in need.  The second is our support for the development of the Southwest Botanical Garden through monetary donations.

In addition to our ongoing projects, this year we will be focusing on Youth Gardening projects.  Our goal is to help establish sustainable gardens and teach wise gardening practices to local youth groups to yield a harvest of produce and provide a healthy habitat for our pollinators.


Conservation and the Environment

Club members continue to generously support the Penny Pines Reforestation Program to maintain existing tree stands and improve wildlife habitat or replant burnt or otherwise damaged forests in the Cleveland National Forest.  This is done through monthly donations and gifts to honor special people and in memory of loved ones.  We have received awards from CGCI for our generous donations and the number of plantations purchased in a calendar year.  The chairpersons are Faye Wons and Barbara Hayes.



Monthly meeting programs, guided field tours, and workshops are activities that increase the knowledge of our members.  These activities are planned by our TVGC members.  The chairpersons are Jeanne Roberts (Programs), Karolyn Marr (Trips and Tours) and Carol Hudson (Workshops).

Our Club website and Facebook page offer a wealth of information, including articles and links to other sites.  Members and visitors can find information on upcoming events, all aspects of horticulture, floral design, conservation and the environment at  The website administrator is Patricia Boyd.

At our monthly meetings we have a Master Gardener’s table where members can find answers to their gardening questions.  Members are encouraged to attend educational programs and conferences sponsored by CGCI and other organizations.


Floral Design

Members are encouraged to attend the Floral Design Forums presented by CGCI Palomar District.  The meetings are held at the Shinoda Design Center in San Diego.  Members and designers exhibit their designs and creativity.  The CGCI chairperson is Alma Lyon.  We have also incorporated floral design into workshops for members to prepare them for entering floral designs at the Flower Show.


Flower and Plant Show

The TVGC Flower Show will be Saturday, April 29, 2017, at the Temecula Community Recreation Center.  Our Flower Show Chairperson has selected “THE BEAUTY AND THE BOUNTY” for the theme.  This Standard Flower Show is judged by National Garden Club accredited judges and features horticulture, floral and table designs, youth gardening and photography exhibits.  It provides the community a gift from the Garden Club with all the exhibitions with an emphasis on conservation of our natural resources, as well as showing what grows successfully here in the Temecula Valley.  The chairperson is Debra Jones.


Youth Gardening

For the past several years, TVGC has assisted local schools in the development and planting of vegetable gardens and education related to plants and floral design.  The children learn a love of gardening and knowledge about food sources.  Many children have exhibited floral designs and other garden related projects at the Flower Show.  This year’s community service projects will focus on educating our youth to grow and maintain sustainable gardens and create a natural habitat for years to come.  The chairperson is Judy Sundermann.



For a number of years, the Club has offered a scholarship to students studying in fields related to horticulture and other areas consistent with the goals of TVGC.  The scholarship is presented to the chosen recipient at our May general meeting.


NGC and CGCI Products

The following is a list of products available to purchase through the websites of the state and national organizations: National Gardener Magazine, Handbook for Flower Show, Creative Flower Arranging, Outlines of Period Floral Arrangement, Creative Floral Design – Step by Step, Essence of Creativity, Stewards of the Land – A Survey of Landscape, and Architecture and Design in America.

Websites:       National Garden Club

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